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Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector Beach Tip - METALDETECTING.COM


I want to show you guys, it's a little bit hard to hunt...some of these areas...a lot of iron. But in the iron, there's coins mixed...I'm not going to disclose the location, but I want to show you some of the things to look for. I'm running an open screen, with no discrimination, but the tones are set the way I want them.

Alright, I want to show you a little something here. As you can here, in the iron, there is a target in with it. And we'll dig it that.

Alirght we've opened up the hole. Ok, I'm going to show you the sand here...just so you can see the iron in it. And as you can hear...hear the iron...there's the good target. Ok?...let's go ahead and take a look.

There it is! [picking up coin] ... nickel. Now, if that had been a gold ring stuck in there, people would have walked right over it, because of the iron. Just a trick to show you how to dig it in the iron. Alright. We'll see if we can't find some more. Alright, later.
Alright, we're back. Got another one. As you can hear, the iron...move it around a little bit, so you can hear it in there. Ok. ... Once you come off of it...right down into the iron...all over the place. Alright, let's see if we can do a live dig for you this time...set the machine down. Alright. Pretty short, right there. Got the T-Rex. See if we can't get it out of here pretty quick. Sorry if it's jumping around, but a little bit hard to do two things at one time here. Alright. See if we got it yet [examining sand pile]. And again, this is a target someone would have missed. And that's definitely hot. Move our pile around a little bit...using the Garret Probe. But, in these conditions, the CTX sees little tiny stuff, and is just a pain in the's faster to recover it this way.

Caption Note: Garret Probe is not waterproof.

There it is! Another penny...'63. On the beach. Hopefully we can give you some more tips, show you some more, alright. Alright, we're back. A little metal, our last hole was right there, we walked just a couple feet, there's another one [target sounding]. We'll mark that. See if we can't move around here a little bit, so you can see get a feel for the way this machine is sounding [continuing to sweep the CTX 3030]. Now, if I was in the iron mode here, or discriminating the iron...there's another one we'll check out [rich target sound]. Iron, iron, iron...there's one of our other holes, the first one, you see the iron. Did you hear the iron?

Move around a little bit here. Iron, iron...iron, iron-there's a positive in with the iron [target beep]. We'll definitely check that one out too. We'll "X" that. We'll give you some results of those two digs...once we get them out of the holes, so we can show you what they are. Alright, be back.

Alright, I had to stop this dig for a minute [zooming in]. You remember this one, this was the first one. Then I said I'd come back, was such a nice find, that I'd go ahead and show it to you. Look at this, [zoom to coin], right out of the hole...look at that. Who woudl have thought? Who would have thought...on the beach? [Franklin Half Dollar is revealed after sand wiped with finger] A Franklin!

Let me clean that date off real quick. Looks like a '55. And it is, a 1955. Who would have thought? Look at that. Nope, sorry...'53. My mistake. Caught that glare wrong. It's a 1953. And that was with the iron. Shows some wear. Right out of that hole. Unbelievable. Well, who says you can't dig silver halves on the beach? We'll be back. I got a few more targets over here to check out, and we'll see where it goes. That's a beautiful find. Up here, in this iron. Where no one likes to dig. Most machines can't handle it...but the CTX does it again. Alright.

Alright, I want to show you a typical iron signal. A good signal. If we go to fast, it just all drags together. Hear the iron? You hear that target in there? ... it gives me that extra boost. Now as you saw on other pieces of the video, I pulled a half out this morning. I'm going to finish this [digging hole]...I'll be right back.
Alright, we're back. As you can see, there's the hole, we still hear the iron. And even in the material that's out. But there you can hear the coin...our target. Now for the unveiling, let's see what we got. Now, we're going to do this a little faster [using Garret Pinpointer]. There it is, look at that [revealing quarter]. Bet you it's silver too. There you go, let me give it a quick clean. There you go...silver 1962 quarter! Now, how many people would have missed that, not knowing this trick? Alright, talk to you!

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Special thanks to Swingingsouthjersey for his help with the videol. We at MetalDetecting.Com hope this video will help CTX users find more treasure.

Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector Beach Tip - METALDETECTING.COM

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